Friday, June 3, 2011

REVIEWS: Super Soaker Tornado Strike 2011

After a good super soaker fight this past weekend, I went on Amazon to see what new models are coming for 2011.  Big announcement for Super Soaker fans, the water guns are now being made by Nerf.  I started playing with Super Soakers back in 1990 when my grand mother bought me one of the original "injection" style Super Soakers by Larami.  I still have that "water-gun"  The company was then sold and they created a number of so so water guns.  Now Nerf is really spending a lot of time to improve the line and I LOVED what I saw.
I purchased Nerf's Super Soaker Tornado Strike. The water-gun has everything.  I love the style, feel, colors and the concept.  Its based on a assault type water gun but with a Gatling style shooting chamber which creates this spiraling effect.  I also love the Clip system. No more filling your water gun.  Just buy extra clips and change when you are out. I bought 2 extra clips which gives me 30 - 35 shots before refilling.  It also comes with a stock which is great for aiming at your opponents by resting stock on your sholder.  Being a long time fan of the original super soakers like CPS 2100, Monster XL or even the Arctic Blast, I wasn't a big fan of pump handle. BUT I think pump handles are better than original pressurized chamber.  You don't have to run around the yard finding a minute to re-load your pressure before shooting.  With Tornado you can just pump and hit your targets.  When you are out, quickly change your clip and you are good to go for round 2.  Each clip shoots 10-11 full blasts and about 18-20 feet long.  My test showed about 10-15 feet which is fine cause I normally run up close to my opponents for more impact :)
(Twisted Teeth can't afford models, which is why we had to remove his face)
Twisted recommendation:  BUY BUY BUY.  
Where: is selling these for $13, Extra clips cost 5ea.  I bought mine from Buy Tornado Strike on Amazon
Why: $13 is cheaper than movie/popcorn at the theater. This promises hours of fun.  All you need is some folks with less powerful water-guns, a sunny hot day and someone who is willing to foot the water bill and you are good to go.
On a serious note, this is a great addition to any water gun collection and one that will most certainly gain value over time.  Just the design and concept alone are worth the $ and added functionality, ease of use and potential impact will add superiority to any game play.

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