Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hellloooooooooo People! Now that my finals are finally done (secretly doing a happy dance), I am bored to death! All throughout the school year I have been busy working and studying till my brain falls out! Now that school is over for this year, I don't know what to do! I kept thinking and thinking about how to keep myself busy. So I came up with this list (with the help of the beautiful technology we call the internet). CAUTION: If you do not have a sense of humor, don't read this! You will actually think I'm weird!
Okay without further a do, here it goes!
1. Go around the neighborhood or city and blabber things to yourself. You will get weird looks, but hey you probably won't see those people again.
2. Wear a shirt that says life. Then go hand out lemons on a street corner.
3. Change iPod name to "Titanic." Download new songs. Be amused by the fact that the Titanic is syncing. 
4. Build a time machine. Kill people who invented math
5. Eat several boxes of cereal. Tell people I'm a cereal killer.
6. Find a burger that actually looks like the one in the commercial.
7. Smack kid in the face with bottle of Johnson's No More Tears shampoo. Sue Johnson & Johnson for false advertising.
8. Buy a turtle. Name it "The Speed of Light." Tell everyone that I can run faster than "The Speed of Light."
9. Buy pet. Name it Peeve.
10.Walk to fridge. Return to seat disappointed. Repeat.
11. Prepare an ice cream sundae. Watch The Biggest Loser.
12. Eat way too much food. Don't exercise. Blame genetics for making me fat.
13. Explain to kids that obesity is cool. Show them by actually getting fat, renting a wheelchair, and go to Disney World. You cut the whole line and get to the front! 
So, these were just some of the things to do when you are bored just like me! 
I am giving credit to the creators of
-Pinch =)