Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A LITTLE ADVICE: Its never too late to Workout

So as I am reading Pinch's post on Samosa's I thought about eating some and then I thought about gaining weight and then I thought about buying 1 size bigger clothing and then I thought about feeling FAT! and depressed.  That post made me realize that I haven't been to gym since Saturday, 4 days ago.  Its tough for most folks to plan a workout after work especially if they come home first and have dinner/watch TV etc.  Its 12:32am in NYC and I think its never too late to do a quick workout.  
So I am changing and heading to my 24hr gym across the street and do a quick workout.  Plus my gym has a really cool Exertainment Cardio Training Center - Yup they combined Exercise and Entertainment.
Its hard to push yourself to workout any day let alone at midnight during workdays but I believe its never too late to workout.  All you need is to think how you would feel and look after a good workout.  
Like Nike said in the 90's 
"Just Do It".
- Cloud Out

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