Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FOOD for THOUGHT: Samosas

Hello everyone! It's me, Pinch again! I hope you guys liked my posts so far! I am continuing my series Food for Thought. So in this blog,I will be talking about Samosas. For those who don't know what Samosas are, they are a South Asian appetizer. They are fried fat tortilla-like things filled with cut potatos and spices. They could be eaten with a special sauce called chutney but I like mines plain (in my opinion)! Anyway,there are different types of Samosas. There is a jalapeƱo samosa, a chicken samosa, or the original, potato Samosas and many more. People always ask me, Pinch, why do you love Samosas so much? I say to them, because it has potatoes! 
Clearly my obsession for potatoes is too much for some people to handle *cough cough. Anyway, Samosas in the United States are getting popular each day (I think). So go to your local South Asian supermarket or restaurant and order some juicy Samosas! You will fall in love with it at your first bite! ENJOY! :)


  1. Good post. I haven't had a good one since last summer. I crave these almost every week :( - Cloud 8

  2. Yea but it's so good! I honestly don't care about the calories or carbs...I don't care about it. LIFE IS TO ENJOY! (I think that just proved how much of a fatty I am, OH WELL..)