Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A LITTLE ADVICE: Why Waste a Weekend?

What defines a good summer weekend? 
A weekend filled with BBQ Chicken, Home-Made French fries, sitting outside staring at rolling clouds over sunny skies, High-5ing one another for no reason, singing silly songs, watching 2 movies back to back, seeing our elders laugh and dance to hip hop, and playing for hours in the backyard with Super Soakers and Soccer. 
I think its all about doing something.  Its easy to sit around and watch hours and life fly by.  Its difficult to go outside in hot sun and jump-start a 3 hour water gun fight and create a new game (Super Soaker Soccer).  Its difficult but so worth it!
So go out and do something fun this summer cause before you know it, summer 2011 will be long gone.
- Cloud Out

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