Monday, May 30, 2011

FOOD for THOUGHT: French Fries vs Mashed Potatoes: Which is the better form of a Potato?

So you may be asking, why would I, Pinch, be comparing two forms of potatoes. Well there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why, because I love potatoes! Any form of potatoes, if it's fried, or on a stick, I will eat it. Okay so now, we shall compare french fries and mashed potatoes.
French Fries:
-French fries are straight, thin-cut potatoes!
-Are easy to eat with your hands
-They fill up your stomach pretty fast. (the fat ones in particular (:)
-They are made from a foreign country which makes it awesome sauce!
-They are perfect for a lazy afternoon
Mashed Potatoes
-You are cutting open a potato! you see its insides!
-It is somewhat healthier than french fries. (if nothing is added)
-It tastes better with melted cheese on top

Okay so now you have seen the comparisons. In my opinion, french fries would go all the way for me (cuz thats the fatty person I am)! But please guys, comment and tell me which one you like better! I will post up the winner!

- Pinch

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  1. I am all about French Fries. BRING IT!!!
    - Cloud 8