Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pinch Says "Have A Little Sense of Humor =}"

Hello happy people! This is Pinch again. I see that beats and high5 have finally contributed to this whole blog thing and I'm proud of them! Okay so now, I've got some more sense of humor type thing coming towards your way right now. And remember if you are a dull person who have blunt answers to everything and you wear gray all the time, I suggest you don't read this post. You will probably think I'm immature and childish. In other words, you guys need to chillax sometimes! Okay without further a do:

Dear teachers,
We stayed up all night studying, you could stay up all night grading! Sincerely, Students

Dear geese,
When you get cold, do you get human bumps? Sincerely, just curious.

Dear annoyed moms,
I don't care that your son is three. I am not giving up my swing.Sincerely, still a child inside.

Dear mom,"I'm bored" does not mean "I want to do chores." Sincerely, still bored.

Dear mothers,
I just realized Rockabye Baby is a song about a baby that falls off a tree and dies. Sincerely, what the heck have you been teaching us?!

Dear people who think that you can't go up the broken escalator,
They're called stairs now. Sincerely, really?

Dear teachers,
When I ask my parents for help on a homework assignment and they can't help me, it becomes obvious that what you're teaching me won't be used in real life. Sincerely, remind me why I'm learning this?

Okay.. I hope you guys like this. For more, go to!

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